How To Make a Letterhead CorelDraw

What is a letterhead?

Make a Letterhead

A letterhead is a headline printed on a piece of paper that usually contains the name and address of a person or company. It can also include logos and background images. If you want to create your own letterhead, it’s a relatively simple process and fully customizable to meet your business needs. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Set the page size

Make a Letterhead
Make a Letterhead

When creating your letterhead, in North America we will use the letter-size page (A4 for European countries)

In Coral Draw we will set the page size using the default RGB preset destination. Set the letter as a letter. In European countries, you want to select A4 for size. Rendering resolution can be up to 300. Click OK. To ensure that when designing, the items remain inside the printable, we would like to show it. From the View menu, go to Page> Printable Area. This information is picked up from the default printer driver you have installed

Adding logo and text

Make a Letterhead
Make a Letterhead

Now that we have the page setup, it’s time to add the logo and some text. We will start by importing the logo. File> Import and browse to where your logo is located. When you see the Import Cursor, position it in the upper left corner and drag it to the size. Next, select the text tool from the toolbox on the left. Click on the page and type the company name and set it to 15pt from the interactive property bar.

For the company name we, we are using Pantone 108C. To change colour from RGBT or CMY to spot colour, with the object selected, double click on the full switch in the status bar. Click the Palette tab in the Edit Fill dialogue, and then select the Palette drop-down list and locate the Pantone Solid Coated. This will automatically change the selected item to SpotFill.

Next, type the address and phone number, with the text tool still selected. Set the point size to 10 pt and make it Pantone Black 6C. Place the text blocks in the upper right corner.

Add ornaments

Make a Letterhead
Make a Letterhead

Now that we have the important information on this page, we can add a few pairs of jewellery to make it a little more professional. Using the Freehand Tool (F3), draw a horizontal line 8 “long. As a hint, when you draw a line, if you hold down the Ctrl key, it will constrict the line and allow you to create parallels at the top of the page. Colour this line using Pantone 2347C. Draw a line on the upper edge of the printable area and now we’re taking it down exactly 1.

To do this, in the “Y” position box, after the value there, type -1. It will take it down. Press Ctrl + D to duplicate this line and align at the bottom of the printable section. Now type “Y” in the +5 position box. This will extend the line to 1/2 inch. The last step here is to type the tagline using artistic text. Select the text tool and click on the page. Type “helping you is what we do best!” Place this page below the bottom line.

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