How to Create an Ecard

Create an Ecard

How to make an ecard?

If you want to make your own record (electronic card) then this is relative. It’s easy and a great way to allow you to unleash your creativity. Follow this to show you how to create a record in Coraldra.
Set page dimension
When creating a record, the size is in pixels as it appears on the monitor. In Coral Draw, we will determine the page size using the web’s preset destination. Set the width to 500 and the height to 700. You see that the unit of measurement is pixels and the rendering resolution is 96 dpi. Click OK and drag the ruler to the left to place the vertical guidelines. Bring the guide to the centre point in the document. Conva

Create a background for the ecard

Create an Ecard
Create an Ecard

We’ll start with a solid colour background, so double-click the Rectangle tool in the toolbox. This will include a page frame. Now, click on the pink colour in the colour palette on the left. We are now going to click on the Transparency tool in the toolbox on the left and then in the Interactive Property bar, select Vector Pattern Transparency. Now choose a pattern from Transparency Picker that you like. We also need to make a rectangle on the lower half of our accord with white fillings and rounded corners. You can use the shape tool for this. Once you’re done, turn it into a transparent object with 40% transparency.

Import other elements

Now that our work is over, it has some options. You can share the file with friends or you can send a private message with a private message. If you want to send it with a message, it’s a matter of selecting the text tool from the toolbox. Left-click the white rectangle you have drawn and drawn a text frame. Type your message in this text frame.

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