CorelDraw Match Vector Macro

CorelDraw Match Vector Macro

Hi it begins with CorelDraw tips and tricks and this is part 2 of this and this matching vector vectors, in this case, might not be that big a deal but you could change the shape of your drawing and do like this so we’re gonna take a two-point line and just go from there to there and if you’ll think about your line is 4.2 inches long.

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So we’re gonna select that tag selected we’re going to draw a line that is five inches so no matter what size it is we’re gonna have P put in the senator pay and I’m gonna nudge it over to get it out of the way well five inches right out that away I’m gonna control D and make a duplicate and I’m gonna take the rotation I’m going to put it in the centre of the page I’m gonna rotate it 22 and a half degrees control D.

Control D control sometimes Carell does that let’s just make sure we only have one there put this back and we’re gonna control Dwell there it goes it’s going around the corner and we’ve got like half of a clock let’s move our indexing lines out of the way now and now what we’re gonna do is select these tag selected we’ve got nine of them to grab our item and have it match the vectors so there’s a lot you could do with this, of course, you can do that with you could just rotate this but I’m thinking of the possibilities of doing other things.

lets, for instance, let’s make this line just three inches let’s make this line three inches now the other lines are five so let’s go here I might have to recall go here select these go here match vectors and look well I could’ve sworn I made that one three inches so now we’re going to select them again I’m gonna have to get recall and then select our item and look what it did it put three inches in three-five inches but you still got a vector line in there but what you could do.

I’m pretty sure you can right-click no line because the rest of it is kind of like a pretty cool feel there’s a lot you could do with this and like we did in the other video you could I mean it doesn’t matter what you do let’s just do this real quick a pretty good trick let’s make this five inches now if you control let’s make our nice factor the five inches so I’m going to control D and make a duplicate.

But when I do that I’m gonna make the duplicate six inches now I’m going to control D and see it made it seven-eight sorry about that control D and it’s can it just keeps making them a little bit bigger each time that’s nine inches that’s well it didn’t do that because I kind of broke it up so now let’s take our I’m pretty sure we got rid of our line and I’m just kind of going off the cuff your cuff you’re trying to figure out how this would work so let’s select these recall tag our item and match the vectors.

Now I don’t know why I put them upside down but let’s try this and see if we’ve got a cure for it it’s because my lines are going upside down unless you to take this line with the shape tool in Reverse let’s go right reverse subpath now let’s take them and just start over I must have drawn the line upside down so let’s control D and move it over and make it that 6-inch control D. CorelDraw Match Vector Macro CorelDraw Match Vector Macro

control D now let’s select all these recall it take our items and match the vector look at progressively made our autumn bigger and I haven’t he started playing around with all the rest they can do and like we did before you can remove while right-clicking the vector lines and then you just have the items anyway.

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