CorelDraw Tips & Tricks Bubble Cutline

CorelDraw Tips & Tricks Bubble Cutline

hi it’s me again with CorelDraw tips and tricks and somebody sent me this file and they want a bubble cut out around it and I reached out to them they haven’t gotten back to me, first of all, I don’t have one of these fonts so this might look a little bit different than yours and uh you know you say you’re going to cut it out with a manager for a magnet so these are hairlines, uh the bicycle is a pretty cool drawing.

But it’s uh several outlines let’s go-to object group and ungroup and look at that and this is a hair it’s also a CMYK hairline and you would need to make it an RGB hairline for your laser but if you want to cut this out and I’m just reaching out here for the bubble part and also I don’t have the text I don’t know hopefully you’re not going to cut this out and you’re just engraving this or printing it may be on a magnet but that’s neither here nor there so we’re going to do this and if you look.

If I click on it it’s all one group which is good so we’re going to go to effects and we’re going to go to contour and you can tell it’s going to work because they’re not so we’re going to contour to the outside rounded one inch going to take just a second now stay with me a little bit we are going to go up to object and break the contour part now.

We’re going to go to the inside it’s going to be a little rough because all the parts of the bicycle so what we could do before we contour if you’ve got x7 or above you can use the smoothing tool we’ll make it a little bit bigger and we’ll grab that line and we’re just going to we’re going to smooth that line out a little bit get rid of some of those nodes so it won’t be so jagged and the slower you go the more nodes it’s going to renew or take away and you’re just trying to get a smoother transition out if you do this before you.

Contour it’s going to look better now we’re going to take that contour and we’re going to go the inside and make sure you’ve got rounded corners 0.08 and you could change that and you could let’s make it .07 or 0.7 so it’ll be a little bit bigger that looks pretty good if you’re cutting that out to a kind of relative shape then go to object and break the contour part take away that outer contour now we’re going to add bubbles so we’re going to set our nudge factor on five inches and move that over twice now we’re going to go to and this is where you can decide what size bubbles.

You want and see you’re drawing in millimetres and I don’t know I’m going to draw them in red hairlines well we’ll change them later but we’re just going to make them hairlines and you can see how it’s a hairline control d and make a duplicate your offset is set at quarter um you need to think about I’m going to hit b and make a b think about setting that as zero you’re going to learn to like it a lot more now I’m going to grab both these bubbles and I’m going to go to matter of fact.

CorelDraw Tips & Tricks Bubble Cutline
CorelDraw Tips & Tricks Bubble Cutline

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I’m going to duplicate them you see that’s why I don’t like it because anyway that’s beside the point just in case I want to change it I’m going to go to effect blend and I’m going to blend them 20 times maybe not enough I want to go down here to a new path and I’m going to set it on our path then.

 I’m going to go right here to blend a full path not enough of them so let’s back up here and let’s back up completely and let’s make it 40. go down here to blend full new path click on your path go up here blend with the full path that looks pretty good you want them almost kind of touching some of them are some of them aren’t and this is just preference let’s back up here and let’s add a few more let’s make it 45. hit apply new path blend along full path apply now they’re all kind of touching.

We’re going to get these out of the way first and I made copies in case I want to use the same size select it all go up to object and break blend apart grab it go up to object and ungroup now take away our line let’s just nudge it down in case we want to change it grab all this and weld it okay now.

We want to put this back and you’ll see why in just a second now let’s take our virtual statement delete key and delete that part let’s take our bubbles and move them over to the bicycle so there’s the one I did earlier larger here’s one smaller bubble uh just personal preference looks pretty cool the larger bubbles maybe look better so you just start with larger circles and the importance of the jagged edges at the verts I did with the smooth tool it doesn’t matter anymore when you’re doing something like this it might give you a little bit better effect.

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