Photoshop CS6 Making a business card

Photoshop CS6 Making a business card

How to make a kind of professional type business card or for any business card for that matter so first, you’re going to open up Photoshop and then you’re going to go to file new and make sure you have a card template which is going to be 3.5 by 2 that is standard business card size you can change it if you want but that’s the standard size make sure it’s on inches and not in pixels okay.

So then you can choose whatever you want for down here I like my sex without or if you want to copy them you can you may and you can name if you want to just hit OK.

Now we’re going to come out with this and first you want to make the background white because it’s going to be on paper unless you want to use a lot of ink and make it really cool background but first what we’re going to do is we’re going to make like a nice little graphic which will be the flow of our design so I’m just going to grab a red type right here and I’m going to just the brush.

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I want the thickest part to be like right here and I’m just going to drag all holding shift to create a straight line now from here I’m going to drag this down a little bit ctrl T hit this little key up here which is going to be a free transform mode and just kind of drag this, so I’m going to drag it down here adjusted stretch that down maybe kind of like a little wave in the middle of this okay.

so that’s going to be the flow of my car I might put business information right here or something, so I’m going to create my first text layer and call it and I have that in the most recent text.

Photoshop CS6
Photoshop CS6

I’ve had but I’m going to make a make it professional, so I’ll use something with a professional manner such as courier like that so you can make this a little bit bigger not that big okay so let’s just say right here so let’s say it’s my company name then down here I’m going to put what I specialize in so no okay so yeah I specialize in this that and add a little bitch I’m pretty good in this and right there so then.

I’ll put that right underneath it I’ll put my name right here put my name over here and now put down here and change it to white on the white did that I like this change. Photoshop CS6

The white move it right there and I’ll put maybe a picture of me right here about a picture so then let’s just say I want to put like business information so not in white I’ll change back to the red close enough anyway so put like information down here or somewhere you can you know you don’t have to copy this formation.

but okay so now you have this all set up say this is what you want to print off say you’re all done and that’s all you want to do so after you’re done with your company card then just go up here file save as and you can save it as whatever you would like but normally.

you want to save it as a PSD a PDF and a JPEG save it is all of those and print it off when you’re done to set up the print style first check you if you’re using prefer business card sheet then you have to make sure your sings all correct for that and then if you want to print the off I suggest just using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher unless you have some other program you would prefer to print with so that is basically.

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