Create Cover Page Template in Microsoft Word

Create Cover Page Template in Microsoft Word

How to Create Cover Page Template In Ms Word 2016?

Cover Page Template

So first open MS Word Open a blank page and change the page size to A4 Page Set orientation to portrait and the margin values are all set to clicks OK and ignore the warning now let’s create a blank page and inside the picture of the reference magazine cover Page template. We will use this Image as a source this cover Page is designed.

by free PIG com, I’m just Viewing you. Microsoft Word ok let’s delete the more parts by cut it when you’re done click outside now lets Swith the text warping of this picture to behind text and resize this Imae to fit in this page please note that I’m holding the Ctrl key and using mouse scroll to zoom in and out normally we move objects using the mouse.

But you can also use keyboard arrows to move item very correctly now let’s start design this cover Page Template in this blank Page for that insert a better Image this picture is downloaded from pixel Es com crop this picture from the right side because we don’t need this whole picture when you are done click outside now flip this picture horizontally and resize it to cover the whole page. After all, this picture will stay in the background change. Hamid Graphic

Its takes wrapping to behind text I think we should move this picture slightly to the left side and now I’m going to ship and change its colour to white also remove the outline and rotate it like this set its height to 0.47 centimetre insert it the shape move it and resize it change its colour to white and click on the more fill colour set the transparency value to 69 okay and remove the outline colour duplicate it by holding the Ctrl key and place it over the previous ship duplicate.

The new ship again and place it over itself and now select the first two triangles by holding the Ctrl key and right-click on them click the group and duplicate the group by holding Ctrl key rotate it 180 degrees and place it like this.

I think we need to make it a little bit larger so resize it place it here ok lets ungroup them and duplicate shaped holding the control key and rotate it lesyk over here and make it smaller listen like this okay now take another triangle and draw it over here rotate it 90 degrees and let’s sit here now let’s resize it and change the fill colour to white and remove the outline now let’s duplicate this shape and change its white to 15 centimetres rotate it place it over here and rotate it little more make sure the rotation value is set to 29-degree click OK move it later adjustment is needed and our main design is almost complete.

Cover Page Template
Create Cover Page Template in Microsoft Word

Now let’s write this text by using some text box click the text box and click on the draw text box and draw a text box over here set the font size to 80 and a matching font type now writes the text remove the white background from the text box by clicking chef fill and no fill and also remove the shape outline duplicate it by holding the ctrl key and since the text size to 14 right your subtitle now select a-line shape and draw it over here under the matching and change its outline colour to black resize it if needed.

Let’s move the text box and shapes over here I’m using keyboard arrows to move the objects to another text box and write your texts here I have a shortcut called rand which creates some random texts I’m using control-c to copy-paste write a subheading if needed copy and paste is awaiting over here select the text and remove extra spacing between them by clicking remove space after paragraph and set the spacing value to 1.0 okay a few adjustments here this is the main heading.

when you’re done remove the background colour and outline colour I forgot to leave space for the barcode, so I need to reposition these shapes and the text boxes let’s remove this extra pieces from this line and let’s move it little upward simplex boxes is you can move them anywhere anytime now let’s create another text box or duplicate on a write the bottom part make it smaller and move it to its kite place up on the internet and searched for ISBN generator and open this link.

Now type in any random ISBN starting with nine seven eight and hit refresh now click download and your picture of ice been code will be downloaded.

Let’s click insert and picture select the ice bin code okay insert by default it will have the default text rubbing so change the text wrapping to in front of text move it rotates it and resize it now place it over here and with this our design is complete if you are planning to print it then you can save it as a PDF file also this way you can open it using Photoshop I’m just saving it as a document so that we can edit it in the future if needed now let’s remove this part the reference image by clicking delete and press Delete again now let’s save another copy as a PDF file select PDF from the save as’ type and click Save.

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