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How To Warp Text 3D Shapes In Adobe Illustrator?

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How can a wrap it takes to any shape you like and we have seen how you can use it to create some interesting design where you have a free ship that takes in the shape of a circle square and after that, we have seen how we can use that technique to create a perspective takes to fit just like this now we’ll understand how we can web or text in 3d shape using very simple techniques and options and I will use this concept and create out some amazing design where we’ll apply to a sphere and a cylinder or in a doughnut shape or in a square or a cuboid shape so let’s look at how we can create this design, first of all, let’s understand the concept?

how we can create this design, first of all, let’s understand the concept?

So we’ll be using some options from here 3d the first option we’re going to use is the 3d extruder Babel and 3d revolve options will be using these two options and create out this design so that looks at it first I’ll show you how we can create a spherical design just like this so the first step we’re going to do is to type out your text so here is our text I have just type out the text fair web I in illustrator will use this and create this design so after creating out your text go to symbol and here just drag and drop it and give it a name and click OK and here we got a symbol now.

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator

You can just delete this out and now go to ellipse tool and draw a circle and after that using the scissor to cut half of the circle so just click on the points and just read out another half of the section and we got half of this circle well now we’ll go to effect 3d I will choose the revolve option because we want us fair so here we go we got us fair and now I’ll go to map art thick invisible geometry so that we got that invisible and over here choosing this surface we’ll go here and choose this new symbol.

We have added and now let’s scale it fit and just adjust these size over here just to get what you’re looking for and who just play around with this so this way we are placing it and take okay and I’ll just move around and make sure that we got this design so I’ll just go to appearance and open it really evolve preview and let’s play around with the angles so that’s rotated something like this one around here this one will rotate a little bit more and let it lower like that so we are adjusting the XYZ value.

Just to get some interesting angle similar to that and we’ll also go to map art and just I’ll play around with this scale value of this will just reduce the text size just to get that shape and just extend the height little bit you get that little volume over there and enter the position as well design to that and just say on the angle and the rotation a little bit and once you are kind of happy with that just click OK and this way we can up a text to any 3d shape and spherical design and after that once.

You’re happy with that you can just do this or you can just add a background and leave it just like that and you get that effect now let’s look at how it gets in Clyde it takes to a cylinder and it’s very simple so what you do is you need to type out a text just like this type out some Ram index like this just to make sure that symmetric and after that, it’s the same steps you have to change this into a symbol so open the symbol layer just click and drag and drop create a symbol delete this off and we got this symbol over there now.

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Graphic Design 3D Shapes in Adobe Illustrator 4

I’ll just add a background just to make sure that we go out of background over here and let’s draw a slender so for that I’ll use the rectangle tool like this and change the colour to something bright and good now go to effect 3d revolve and this will give you the slender shape so preview it and we got a slender I’ll go to my part invisible geometry and let’s add that new symbol here we go so as you can see this is the surface lower surface we don’t want it to apply it over here just clear it off and that’s like that surrounding surface and here we go this is the surface we want just select that new symbol and let’s play around with the position so as you can see X is in horizontal.

We wanted vertical line so I’ll just change the angle with this like this and I’ll just scale up the size of the text extended until here somewhere around here yeah let’s move around and like that and I’ll click OK now that’s I just the angle of rotation so just keep it something like this and I’ll just rotate the angle around here like that is to get that something like that this one and that’s the what II make it up like perpendicular to the hard work.

So just edges them and once you feel like the angle is okay that’s fine but if you want to edit it more you can just go in there and just you’re not with the text position stand a little bit and place it in the centre like that just to add these details at the ends like that and click ok.

So here we go this way we have added that in a cylinder now we’ll go to the object and expand it and object expand then ungroup it and release clipping mask and now we’ll select these pieces and place it aside and selecting all these invisible shapes and delete it off now select these one and I’ll just place it over here now it’s like these background shapes and apply colour applied light grey colour and for the top shapes.

I have applied white color and we got an interesting shape using the text by wrapping the text in a slender like that and now if you want to check out how we can create this doughnut shape it’s very simple we have used a circle for this so let’s draw a circle something smaller like that small circle like that this much take just change the color to something like yeah those so that we can see it and now we’ll use effect 3d and use the revolve option and this will revolve it in the shape of doughnut that increases the offset value.

Over here something like this and I’ll just adjust the angle of rotation over here so uses the Q perspective view to give that angle you can increase the perspective value over here just to give some additional depth and just play around with this value as well to get an interesting design and I’ll just click OK for now and now for this, we need a text and I just type out some takes this one and what I did is I pleased it here and one just above it as you can see the positioning is little offset so one is here another is just above I did this over here as well so after that just click and drag and drop it to this symbol and click OK now delete this off now select this 3d shape and go to appearance open the 3d revolve option here and let’s preview it and now go to map art and here click on invisible geometry and hold here.

Choose the nearest symbol over here that’s a scale to fit for now and let’s do the adjustments now so just make smaller okay and as you can see this is on the different direction so SS is over there and that a bit of angular rotation and this one angular rotation similar to this so I’m adjusting in the angular rotation using the X Y Z value and the like this so we got that similar to that and now I’ll go to more map art like that and do some little more adjustments with the tick so just try to stand it just to reduce that gap over here in just with the hide as well just to extend that details will do finalized isms with the English rotation and on top.

We’ll just make it smaller and from Guatemala so so it’s all about adjusting or English design and creating some interesting look and I just click OK for now and let’s look at it for now I’ll keep it this way and as you can see the texts are in opposite angle what I can do over here is I’ll just go to symbol over here double click on it and just like them like this or maybe select them and I’ll just go to reflect double click on it and select it vertically I’ll do the same for here as well reflect vertically and I’ll just come out and if I go in over here open 3d revolve preview.

If you can see that we got that here so I’ll just go into the map and do some further adjustments so it’s all about giving some time to your design and trying to get the design you want and after that I’ll click OK and as you can see you got the same design just reflecting the text you’ve got that design so this is the way you can create some interesting 3d shape text like this and lastly we look at how I can create out this 3d cube text effect so to create this the first thing.

We’re going to do is to create a cube so to create that I’ll use a rectangle to and draw a square just like this and what I’ll do is I’ll go to effect 3d let’s see this I’ll just place it somewhere around it just to CD comparison so we want to create this so I just go to effect 3d extreme babble for this and we’ll give some depth so increase the thickness a little bit and let’s play around with the perspective so this one zero by zero something around here that’s just the angle of rotation just to get that depth perspective does another to that and.

I’ll just increase the perspective depth as well like that and just keep on adjusting it to give an interesting look like that and here and after that, I’ll click OK now for this we need some text like this we need some text to P added so I have type out some text over here I’ll just bring it down over here so for this design as you can see we have got three surfaces so we need three takes different text so I have a type of three texts over here one is bold other is a little bold and ten bold and after that little thinner and the smaller mode so what I’ll do is I changed all the three to our symbols open this symbol panel and just drag and drop the text over here created it was a symbol so just do that and convert them into symbol click OK and we got this symbol now I just delete this off for now and now I’ll open the appearance panel go to 3d Eckstrom Babel option preview and I’ll go to map art and this would you marry for now and let’s choose.

The surface so for the top surface we need a take 1 so I’ll just select this one and scale to fit and as you can see it’s fitting properly let’s give a gap around here at this corner I want to give simple gap and I just extended a little bit down similar to that and I’ll just leave it like that now for the next surface we have got this surface well that applies some text today so for this, I will choose this text and man fit and after that, I’ll just rotate the angle little bit so just rotate.

It to this angle it’s the same angle I want so I’ll just keep it this way and that’s external a bit closer to this line and shifted up oh just to make sure that it is on the edge of that and I think it’s okay and after that let’s choose the other surface or the other surface as this one below one for that let’s choose this symbol and scale to fit let’s rotate it see okay let’s rotate one more time and here we go so for this we need some little adjustments.

So I’ll just make a little bit lower a little bit on the other side as well just to get a little bit of the cap on the other side and just reduce okay so once you have got all your text in the position we’ll do final adjustments so I’ll just go back to this first one and do some little adjustments to get that nice get up then I’ll go over here and do some more adjustments just to make sure it’s properly adjusted and push it up a little bit and after that, I’ll go over here do the same for here just a little bit of additional details and adding some can’t happen between like that I click OK and here we go if you want to do more adjustments you can just go there and play around with these angles so I can just move around and try to get achieve this effect so just move around with the angle of rotation and this perspective angle like that and giving a little rotation on the other side as well and I just think the perspective that just to give some interesting look like that and once.

You’re happy with it I’ll click OK and without a background so I’ll just dropping out this background over here and just like them and I’ll expand it object expand appearance and I’ll just scale up the size and here we go we have applied a nice text effect to a 3d shape and we have used very simple option we have used the 3d revolve and the 3d extreme rebel option and created this nice text design and this way you can use this technique to create any design you like right now.

We have seen how we can use it in a sphere slender or doughnut shape or there’s a cuboidal but you can create any challenging shapes you want and applied in the same technique so this is how you can wrap a text to any 2d shape and use it to play some interesting design text design like this so in the previous video we have seen how we can wrap a text to a shape and here we have seen how can you have a text to 3d shape.

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