28 Plus Austria Independence Day Images

28 Plus Austria Independence Day Images

Austria’s National Day is celebrated on October 26 and is related to the political developments since WW II.

After the end of the war, Austria was occupied by four Allied forces (Soviet Union, United States, Britain, and France), which divided the country into four zones. The capital, Vienna, was also divided into four parts, with the historic Central District being jointly administered by the Allied Control Council. Although the Austrian parliament was democratically elected, every legislative regulation or political action of the government required the consent of the Coalition Control Council first and can be vetoed later.

Negotiations on a state treaty to end the occupation could end in the spring of 1955: the Austrian treaty was signed on May 15, 1955, in Vienna’s Silos Belvedere and entered into force on July 27, 1955. ۔

On October 26, 1955, the Austrian Parliament passed constitutional law on permanent neutrality, which has been celebrated as Austria’s National Day since 1965.

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