Azerbaijan Independence Day Images

Azerbaijan Independence Day Images

Independence Day (Azerbaijan: Istiqlal la Gana) is a national holiday in Azerbaijan, although it is not one of the official non-working days. It is also known as ‘State Power Day’.

It commemorates the anniversary of the day Azerbaijan left the Soviet Union in 1991.

History of Independence Day in Azerbaijan

This day is basically the second day of the two Independence Days celebrated mainly in Azerbaijan. The first is the Republic Day, which marks the founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan on May 28, 1918. This continued only two years before the Republic of Azerbaijan became part of the Soviet Union. Azerbaijan Independence Day

In 1991, Perestroika (social and economic reforms) spread beyond the Soviet Union, leading many countries to declare their independence from the Soviet Union.

On August 30, 1991, Azerbaijan reaffirmed its intention to become an independent nation when the Declaration on the Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan was adopted by Parliament.

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