Belgium independence day picture

Belgium independence day picture

Belgium’s national holiday is celebrated on July 21 every year.

Independence Day celebrates Belgium’s secession from the Netherlands in 1831, as well as the formal establishment of the kingdom.

History of Belgium Independence Day
Belgium had been part of the British Kingdom of the Netherlands since 1815, but the majority of the population was Roman Catholic and considered the rule of King William I to be in favour of Northern Protestants. Dissatisfaction was heightened by high unemployment in the south.

In August 1830, riots erupted in a mass uprising, demanding Belgium’s victory over the Netherlands. The London Conference of the major European powers then recognized Belgium’s independence.

After Belgium gained its independence from the Netherlands on October 4, 1830, the Belgian National Congress considered several candidates to become king.

After some deliberation, he asked Leopold I of Sexy Coburg to become the king of the new country. Leopold accepted and was declared “King of Belgium” on June 26, 1831.

He then proceeded to the church in Leopold, Dover, France, where he was taken on July 17, 1831, to the Belgian border village of De Pen.

Belgium independence day

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