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Belize had previously been a British colony since 1862 when settlers arrived in the area then claimed by Spain. The Spaniards tried to overthrow the British seven times but were eventually defeated at the Battle of St. George’s. The battle took place on September 10, and the whole period between St. George’s Day and Independence Day is a time of great patriotic celebration.

Belize was originally called “British Honduras”, but in 1973 it was renamed “Belize”. It is the only Central American language with English as the official language, although Spanish and Belizean Creole are also spoken. It is a very diverse society, with many ethnic groups of Maya, African, Hispanic, and British descent, and many mixed races.

In 2015, Belize had only 368,000 people and was the least densely populated country in Central America. At 1.9%, however, it had the second-highest population growth rate in the Western Hemisphere. She remains a member of the British Commonwealth to make Queen Elizabeth II her head of state.

In general, Belize’s Independence Day is a time of waving logical flags, colourful patriotic decorations, numerous parades, singing and dancing, meat-eaters and local Belizean delicacies. In addition to educational events on Belize’s history and culture, there are official flag-raising ceremonies and more solemn ceremonies. The festivities last for most of the month and are collectively known as the “Celebrations of September.”

Belize independence day Image

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