Benin independence day Image

Benin independence day Image

Benin’s present country connects three regions that were clearly different political systems and races before French colonial control. Prior to 1700, there were some important city-states along the coast (mainly of the Aja ethnic group, but also the Yoruba and Gabe people) and inland tribal areas (including Bariba, Mahi, Gadivi, and Kabe).

People included). The Avion Empire, located primarily east of modern Benin, was the most important large-scale military power in the region. He regularly raided and paid tribute to the coastal kingdoms and tribal areas.

The situation changed in the 1600s and early 1700s as the kingdom of Dohomi, which consisted mostly of Phoenicians, was established on the Abyssinian plateau and began to occupy coastal areas. By 1727, King Ajaja of King Dahumi had conquered the coastal cities of Aladdin and Vhodah, but it had become a deputy of the Oyo Empire and he directly attacked the city-state of Porto-No, connected to Oyo.

Did not The rise of the Dahumi kingdom, animosity between the state and the city of Puerto Novo, and the continued tribal politics of the northern region continued until the colonial and post-colonial periods.

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