Photoshop CC Photomanipulation Tutorial


Hi everyone today we are going to make this beautiful image in an offshore shop and there are a lot of tricks and trips related to this tutorial and we are going to teach you to step by step everything in real-time then what you are waiting for let’s get started okay.

Now let’s first open our new document in a doc workshop just click new and you will get a new dialogue box and you have to purchase two cornbread root and maybe three and right height the width and height should be greater because the quality will remain then very nice.

Now you have to click create and you will get your new document now I am going to open my image that is for that little girl and we are going to crop that one for these the best option which we have now it is for quick selection tool and I am going to select everything for this one and now just you have to click and drag and everything.

Will select which I am just liking right now the broken background but if you are going to see that the camera is already selected yet just hold down your alt and click here and you will find it now we have just removed that area from the camera now again you are going to select your background and continue that until you will get the complete girl to be selected.



Now let’s okay you have to remove that part and now select the rest of your image and now you are going to see that here you have again not liked it just hold on your art and remove every everything can just make a clear selection and now select the rest of your image can do the same procedure again and again and let’s try to select the background and just try to little bit edges.

The air and it seems alright to me okay let me just find one thing that I that everything is like it yes, for now, it is looking great and what we are going to see that right now we have just selected the background and the girl is not selected therefore we are going to come to the selection and we are reverse the selection.

Now you will see that the girl is selected in the background is not selected just do one thing come to the edit and copy that one and paste here control V and now ctrl T you will get a selection now one thing before just.

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