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When is Independence Day in Dominica?

In Dominica, Independence Day is a common holiday that is always celebrated on November 3. It is The National Day of Dominica and marks independence from Britain on 3 November 1978.

History of Independence Day in Dominica

The first European contact with the Caribbean island took place on Sunday, November 3, 1493, when Christopher Columbus died on his second trip to the New World. They named the island the Latin term “Dodomenica” on Sunday.

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The Spanish never made a serious attempt to colonize the island.

The French showed interest in the 17th century and established the first permanent European settlement in 1690. They brought many African slaves to the island and built enough gardens.

According to the Paris Agreement, Britain took control of Dominica in 1763, which ended the seven-year war, although the French did not abandon repeated attempts to recapture Dominica until 1805.

Due to the large number of Africans on the island, Dominica became the first British colony to create a black-controlled colony in the Caribbean in 1838.

In 1871, the British became part of the Lords island, which ended local control over dominica island.

On 3rd November 1978, after Patrick John became Prime Minister, the President of the Commonwealth obtained independence from Britain as an independent republic within the Commonwealth.

Independence Day is an opportunity to celebrate Dominica’s unique heritage and the Creville culture. In the weeks before Independence Day, the celebrations are held on independence day, which includes the Heritage Day, Crevel Day, Miss Wu Division and The Metdoor competition.

The Independence Day program does not end on November 3. On November 4, the day of community service, in the tradition that started as a clean-up after the party, citizens started completing approved community projects.

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