Top 2 Creative Border 2021

Top 2 Creative Border 2021

Top 2 Creative Border 2021

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Top 2 Creative Border 2021
Top 2 Creative Border 2021 4


HOW TO USE THIS OWN LOSS When creating an ad or other image, you are undoubtedly focusing on the message you want to get across. Images, language, font, color – all of these elements need to blend harmoniously to support what you want to say, whether it’s promoting an upcoming event or simply seeking more engagement on social media.

Borders and backgrounds are sometimes ignored or downgraded, but the truth is that these seemingly humble little ingredients make a significant contribution to the overall aesthetic of your design. Here we will point out how important boundaries and backgrounds are for your final product and even give you some advice on how to get the most out of them.

Top 2 Creative Border 2021

IN THE BACKGROUND Backgrounds are, by definition, a supporting role in your design. They stood behind your text and graphics to help reinforce – never diminish – your existing message. But how do you know your past? There are some design guidelines to follow so that your background doesn’t overwhelm or distract.

Top 2 Creative Border 2021

Choose your color wisely. First, you need to think carefully about the colors when it comes to choosing a background. You can use bold, vibrant color but combine it with simple fonts and graphics to avoid visual clutter. Do not forget the color of the text; Your background should be in stark contrast to the color of the text so that the wording springs from the page, rather than plunging into the abyss of background shadows.

Top 2 Creative Border 2021

Use patterns sparingly. Sometimes a bold pattern is required in the background, but you really need to be strategic about how and when you use patterns as they can quickly become the focal point of the image rather than your message. If you’re only dealing with simple, centralized text and no accompanying graphics, use templates to draw attention to where you want to go. Otherwise, use a subtle, discreet pattern that only underlies other material.

Top 2 Creative Border 2021

Add a photo background. To get some realism, use a photo as the background. This works especially well if you have a product that you want to show in your ad; Make a creative close-up or image of the subject you are using and process the text around the main elements of the photo. You will still need to be careful when choosing the color of the text, as you need to balance the color of the photo with the contrasting tone of the text.

Top 2 Creative Border 2021

Use depth of field to create atmosphere. A nice effect you can use when placing a photo as a background is depth of field. A blurry, out-of-focus image creates a surreal sense of ambiguity by providing a subtle background that keeps your eyes focused on what’s in focus (like text), providing a hidden aspect that complements your message if you look closely. In contrast, if you are using a sharp and focused photograph, keep in mind that this image will be the main attraction and plan other graphic elements accordingly.

Make quick changes by fixing opacity. Is your background interfering with your focus? Instead of pushing the background all the way to the other side, first try to fix the opacity. This changes the level of transparency of the image and thus its visibility. You can darken an image or color to make it more visible or present it if your ad needs a little more courage.

Design # 1

Top 2 Creative Border 2021
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Whatever you think of your past, try a few different options and just see what works best with your other elements. Sometimes the best way to make a decision is to try the variety and see what seems most appealing.

ON THE BOUNDARIES So you’re fine … what to do about the border now?

Does your image usually need a frame?

If so, who?

Top 2 Creative Border 2021

Borders are meant to draw your eye into what surrounds them. For example, if you have text that you really want to focus on, only limits the text, your gaze will be focused and focused on the message.

With that in mind, here are some tips on how to use borders right to achieve them for the purpose for which they are intended.

Sensitivity is the key to success. For the most part, your boundaries should be kept under control. It is designed to draw attention to factors other than yourself. Sometimes plain and simple monochrome boxes are perfect for focusing attention on its contents; you can also get creative with fonts and colors as long as your boundaries aren’t cluttered.

Top 2 Creative Border 2021

The border is strategically located. What is the purpose of your ad? Do you want to highlight a specific date or topic? Highlight the most important element of the image to keep the focus on it. Or, if your image just needs something to look finished and prevent your eyes from falling to the outer edges, a simple border within the border of the image is sufficient.

Save the theme. Now for the simplest part: your frame should always be relevant to the topic under discussion! If you’re using a graphic frame, don’t choose a floral theme for your winter ad. Do something that complements your idea without causing the viewer any friction or confusion.

Top 2 Creative Border 2021

Design # 2

Top 2 Creative Border 2021
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